Idea – your idea can improve married children’s lives

July, 26

How can you contribute to help these married children to improve their lives? What’s your idea?

Mitali Das

November, 24

We can unite the people from different private or govt. sectors to provide education scholarship to these girls, can build a library in their community. It is very important to get proper education for empowerment. Besides that we should put their husbands also in the education process so that they also get enlighten with the touch of knowledge. Also if we continuously put effort on raising awareness about these early married girls then this can help to draw attention of the people of the decision making level and they will take this issue seriously and will work towards the betterment of the early married children.

Apu Kumar Ghose

July, 28

It is very sad that girls are getting married at very early age. It really hurts when a girl at the age of 12 or 13 are pushed to get married even though they want to continue study. This is really unfortunate that they are pushed to enter another world where they needs to bear heavy family responsibility. However, we can contribute to help those married children in several ways. For example, we can help them getting certified by e-learning process. If we think practically we will find that in most of the cases married children's in-laws will not allow her to attend school physically. So, a device like iPad or Android tab can help her out in this scenario. Though e-learning has some drawbacks (example: there is no face-to-face question answer session) but it can do a good job in getting online certificate in some particular field.