Husband – One of the closest persons of a girl after marriage

July, 26

What can a husband do to improve his adolescent wife’s life?

Apu Kumar Ghose

July, 28

Husband is the only person in a married girl's life with whom she feels free to share everything in her in-laws' house. In my opinion, husband should cooperate with her in every single step. He should always view the whole scenario by standing from his wife's point of view whenever she discusses something with him. If he thinks she is saying something positive then he should cooperate with her to implement it, and he should share with other family members to make the things done smoothly. However, if he thinks her discussion has no valid or strong points then he should politely, I repeat very politely, discuss with her about the drawbacks of that. This will help her set in mind that her husband is a good friend of her on whom she can rely. In addition, this will make her feel peace in getting such a cooperative husband. Consequently, the conjugal life will be happier. I believe, if there is peace and happy in life, hardest problems can be solved easily.