Privacy Guidelines

Privacy Guidelines

1. Scope

This applies to all who directly/ indirectly are involved with the communication activities of IMAGE Plus. The guideline also applies to all IMAGE staff members, field workers and consultants, as the beneficiaries do not make any difference between direct and indirect employees or full- timers and part- timers.

2. Restrictions

The guidelines and rules obviously do not cover all situations that can occur in the communication activities. They should follow their own professional intuition for what is right and what is wrong. In exceptional cases or in case of doubt about the application or applicability of the guideline, consultation with the responsible person of IMAGE Plus’s communication is mandatory. IMAGE Plus holds the right to all information in the areas covered by this guideline (interests, resources, connections, etc.). IMAGE Plus communication team also discuss with the concern implementing organization regarding any publications, photography, video documentation and any other related
things from their working area.

3. Weblogs or blogs

In case of writing blogs – or other forms of public media expression – by staff of IMAGE Plus, the same criteria as described in this guideline will be applicable unless the content of blogs has nothing to do with his/her work in IMAGE Plus.

Nonetheless every member of the IMAGE Plus family should remember that he/she is an ambassador for IMAGE Plus in every aspect of their lives and should temper their conduct accordingly.

4. Facts/ Opinions

Respect for the facts as clearly as possible implies a separation between facts, opinions and analysis. Facts do not exist without context, analysis adds a further dimension to it, and an opinion confronts the audience with a perspective that is probably not the opinion of the audience. In all circumstances, the target audience of IMAGE Plus communication should be able to see the difference between facts, analysis and opinion.

5. The use of others’ material

Communications material containing important facts or revelations brought to the open by other organizations or projects will be published by, but the source must be mentioned and credits for photographs will be mentioned.

6. Precision in content, form and language

Factual accuracy means accuracy in form and presentation. For audio visual production, both image and sound should fully do justice to “the story”. This includes audio, video and text.

7. Clear privacy agreements

IMAGE Plus works with married adolescent girls. In particular with those, who are vulnerable. Therefore, protecting their (early-married girls) privacy during communication activities is of high importance for the project. IMAGE Plus, in Its communication, will show faces of the married girls in a way that they will not be identified. People without a public function should grant consent to their pictures being published on the screen except where the context is so massive and/or they are in the public domain – conferences, seminars etc. In such cases asking permission from individuals is impossible, while on the other hand, interest of the media can often be expected. IMAGE Plus will make clear agreements with sources/interviewees (married girls, families, others) about the status of the contact. We will take consent in interviews, video shooting, etc. We will also clarify the way in which the quotes/videos will be used.

8. Use of anonymous sources

Direct reference to anonymous sources in communication items/tools will be limited as much as possible. In cases, where the information from the source is important and there is risk in disclosing the source, he/she will be kept anonymous. If a source must be kept anonymous, it must be stated as clearly as possible why the source remains anonymous.

9. Protecting vulnerable people

IMAGE Plus is aware of the consequences of media attention, especially for the married girls and their families. For every communication activity, the importance of disclosure should be carefully weighed against the potential disadvantages for those involved.

10. IMAGE Plus abides by the law

IMAGE Plus in gathering information, must remain within the bounds of the law. The legal boundaries such as “implausible accusations”, “insulting language” are considered to be part of this guideline.

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The real names and photos are not given in this page to protect the identities of the girls.
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