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Photography Exhibition ‘Roshni’

‘Roshni’ is a collective art initiative by IMAGE and Counter Foto. Through this initiative, the renowned photographers of Counter Foto have captured a cluster of heart-warming photos delineating the early

‘We Unite, She Stands’ Artists Talk

By uniting cultural activists of different sectors, a platform was created to share their thoughts for the betterment of the early married girls. This artist talk session was named ‘We

‘We Unite, She Stands’ seminar with cultural activists

There are only a few organizations supports and talks about the rights and empowerment of early married girls. To create social awareness about this issue there is no alternative of

“1 girl under 15 married every 7 seconds,” says Save the Children

Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Somalia are in an alarming situation. Researchers say that conflict, poverty and humanitarian crises are the major factors leaving girls exposed to underage marriage. One girl

Early marriage could make reaching SDGs by 2030 difficult: UNFPA

59 per cent of Bangladeshi girls under 18 are married, states a UN Population Fund report released on Oct 20. Early marriages threaten to keep Bangladesh from achieving the ambitious

Child marriages: 39,000 every day worldwide

More than 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020, states the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). If current levels of child marriages hold, 14.2 million girls

The Grim reality of Child Marriage

Tania Rashid is one of those lucky girls who could escape from child marriage. She was only 16 then. She has taken a personal insight into the traditional practice of

‘We Unite, She Stands’ Free Speech Session

Youth has always played a vital role to bring positive changes in the society by raising awareness on different cause. To ensure better life of early married girls, at first

Her burdens are heavier than herself

Millions of children are forced to do household work which they are not supposed to. This is a violation of multiple rights. This is not marriage; this is a modern

She was not ready to be a bride

There are over 4 million adolescent girls in Bangladesh who were not ready to be a bride. They are surviving and seeking for their rights.