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After I got married, I had a son and a daughter. My wish is to provide education to my children and raise them as empowered human beings. My family suffers immensely from poverty. If only I could land a good job, I could work and try to eliminate my poor state. My husband is a rickshaw-puller. I do all the household chores and cook rice and vegetables, which I enjoy doing. I cultivate vegetables around my residence, but my current desire is to get a good job, so that I can provide education to my children. I have dreams that my son will get a good job when he grows up, and earn to meet our family’s financial needs. We mostly eat vegetables since we can’t afford meat or fish. Sometimes we have eggs. My father’s house is also very far away, which is why I can’t go there as it requires money to make the visit. There are hardships in my family due to lack of money- we can’t even eat food three times a day. I can’t even feed my two kids well or dress them nicely. I want to land a good job and buy good clothes. I don’t know what kind of work I’m suitable for, but if I find any in the future, I will be able to eat well and wear better clothes. Age- 17