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I was in class 10 when i fell in love. I had to face a lot of problems for that. But I continued loving him. After two and half years of courtship, I was married to the guy I loved. So we had a “love marriage”. It has been two years now, since I got married. But I face problems more often than not. I understand the mistake that I did back then. I wish I had not hurt my family and did not get married. I face all these problems due to this marriage. Almost everyday my husband scolds me or beats me up. Why do these things happen? Is it wrong to love someone? Or is it wrong to trust someone? Why do I have to face so many problems in life? Won’t I ever be happy? Will the rest of my life be like this? Will I have to live with fear forever? Now I feel like no one is my own. Neither will anyone stand by me nor will anyone help me. People around me are very strange. I don’t understand them. My life has turned out to be a miserable one and I don’t know what the future holds for me.