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I was merely figuring myself out when I got married and was handed with the responsibilities of the in-laws. My life is now confined by the responsibilities of my family. Still I have learned to live only because of the child. I am now just a burden to the society since I was married early. I am not able to give the society anything. My husband is also not in love with me anymore. After bringing me to the family he simple wonders around in his own merry way. I even need to fulfill the necessities of our child. He has no responsibility towards our child. I never imagined I would see these days. I wonder how a girl leaves her own family to join some other family and the members of that family torture her instead of accepting her with love. I don’t feel like being alive anymore. I had dreams of being educated and being capable of living my life by my own. All my dreams were broken after my family married me off. Even they feel guilty about it now. I work all day long and my mother in law does not like me resting for long time.