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My wish is to contribute financially for my family, but due to poverty I can’t make any improvements. I wish if I could get some work so that I can earn and support my family to develop the current situation. I couldn’t send my children at school to study because of not having enough money. If I get any chance to work from this project, I will be able to eradicate this poor condition. Currently, I have a daughter and also pregnant with another child, whom I expect to be a son as I already have a daughter. My wish is to raise and educate my children but maybe that wish will not be fulfilled due to this poverty. Ever since I got pregnant, I try to intake nutritious food such as vegetable, lentil, eggs and sometimes fish. I can’t afford to buy and eat meat as their prices are very high. My father’s home is very far away, so I don’t get to visit him quite often even if my heart desires. Age- 18