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Mobile van rolls out to ‘stop child marriages

Jodhpur: District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) rolled out a mobile van ahead of the ‘Akha Teej’ – an auspicious occasion

Child Marriage in Bangladesh

This Memorandum discusses the context, causes, consequences, and legal framework of child marriage in Bangladesh. Despite international, regional, and national

Child Marriage in Bangladesh: Socio-legal analysis

Child Marriage has long been practiced in Bangladesh and continues to exist in an alarmingly high rate. Researchers have looked

Research on early and forced marriage in poor urban areas of Bangladesh

There are many factors that causes early marriage or forced marriage (EFM). The most common ones are socio-cultural, religious, economic

Child Marriage: A Discussion Paper

Poor families often marry off their daughters to save them from violence. But in fact, young married girls are more

Ending Child Marriage in a Generation: What research is needed?

Child Marriage has been identified as a universally persistent issue that acts as a major drawback for development. Yet, the

Girl Child Issues to re-consider

Whenever we think of the treatment of a girl child, in the fraction of a moment we recall the famous

Untying The Knot: Exploring Early Marriage in Fragile States World Vision UK, 2013

Marriage, in general represents a festive occasion which everyone anticipates with much enthusiasm. Happy, joyous and festive are the general