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I didn’t have a happy life before marriage. I had to work very hard to study. I was good at studying. But my father didn’t pay for my studies. This is because my father remarried and therefore he didn’t want to take care of me. My mother also lives at her father’s place. My mother helped me pass Matric exam. I stood 1st in my J.S.C exam and 2nd in Matric exam. During this time, the boys in my village started disturbing me a lot. One night when I was sleeping alongside my mother, one boy came to talk to me. But I refused and that boy cut our fence, came to my room another night and tried to rape me. I told this to my mother and uncle. I cried a lot. Then my mother decided to marry me off. I wanted to finish my studies and become successful. But I couldn’t study anymore after my Matric exam. The people of my village is very conservative and superstitious. Therefore, I had to leave the house with the boy I loved. But my life there was not very comfortable either. (Age- 17)