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Life used to be more fun before marriage. Now it is not that much. I used to roam around freely before marriage. But now I don’t have freedom to do that. I need permission if I want to go out. I wanted to study further. And there is still hope to continue my study. I used to study, could go at fair and anywhere that I wanted. But now I can’t anymore. And there seems no hope to go at fairs anymore. I used to play before but now I don’t do that in my husband’s house. When I visit my house then I play alone with my younger siblings. I don’t face any problem at my husband’s house regarding my study. At my husband’s place we all do household chores together. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law they all help me in my house hold work.  My husband also sometimes helps me. I had no affairs with any guy. I didn’t like anybody. My family arranged my marriage. I didn’t need permission to go out of the house before marriage. But now I need permission. I got married suddenly. I wanted to study more and to be successful. ( Age - 15)