About Us

About Us

Married Still a Child is a campaign for social change, mustering up support for early married girls. They are young school girls who are sometimes as young as eleven. They run households and get pregnant, raise children. While they are children themselves, needing health-care and education, they are forced into the role of an adult, with very little support.

Married Still a Child raises the voices of these girls, creating awareness of their sexual and reproductive health and rights, reaching out to society. The campaign is all inclusive: we should all know what early married girls go through, every day. How they risk their lives by getting pregnant. How these children raise other children. Sharing their stories will make them heard, make them understood, and make them cared for.

Nurses and doctors, journalists and writers, policy makers and those who influence policy makers, social workers and programme managers in the development sector, artists, teachers and local government officials; we need to spread the message.

Most of all: we are all mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters. We are all fathers, husbands, brothers and sons.

We need to know what goes on in the lives of our children, our daughters, the girls who raise the next generation of Bangladesh.

Married Still a Child is an initiative of IMAGE Plus, a project that empowers early married girls in three districts in the north of Bangladesh. In these districts, a change is tangible. Husbands start listening to their young wives. Mothers-in-law are more supportive. Early married girls use contraceptives more frequently, postponing pregnancy. The girls, as young as they are, start thinking about opportunities to improve their lives.

The campaign Married Still a Child aims to reach as many people as possible with the stories of married girls, and be the catalyst of social change in favor of young girls in marriage.  Read, Share and Support.

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The real names and photos are not given in this page to protect the identities of the girls.
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